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Adventures In Painting is offering one on one private lessons for the beginning artist. Never had painted, not a problem. That is our specialty, teaching how to use the brushes and palette knives to people who have never painted before.  The classes are around 1 1/2 hours long and we will supply everything that you will need.  The cost is only $35 a class or if you purchase a package of 4 classes the price will only be $99.  Call Martin for more information 916-363-8116
Adventures in Painting
Sacramento, CA, USA
Martin & Autumn Witter

Welcome to Adventures in Painting with Autumn and Martin. Our mission is to introduce you to the wonderful world and the joy of painting by offering private classes for beginners.
 Have you ever wanted to learn to paint but felt you did not have the talent or that you are not creative enough?  Maybe you have you tried, but didn’t like the outcome.  Do you find blank canvas intimidating?
We believe that ANYONE CAN PAINT and that knowledge opens creativity. That the only difference between you and someone who can paint is the knowledge how to work the brushes and the understanding of mixing paint. Just look at what your fellow non-creative-canvas- intimidated -never-picked-up-a-brush –before artist have created in our students gallery!
  The cost is $99 per four lessons. These lessons are scheduled at your convenience. Let us help you unlock the artist in you!
Will teach both brush and palette knife technique using acrylics as our medium.
Give us a call at 916-363-8116 or email at MWitter@att.net. We will be only happy to answer any question that you may have.    

Martin and Autumn are very passionate about teaching. They enjoy it as much as we do learning to paint. They are very patient and extemely encourageing. Accordint to them, if you like it, then it is a good painting. I have very high regard fro their teaching abilities.
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